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Chapter 2


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CRIM 101
Barry Cartwright

CHAPTER 2 NOTESCRIMINAL EVENT THEORYCrimes as social event involving offenders victims bystanders and witnesses the police and other participants in the criminal justice systemExamines the precursors transaction and aftermaths of criminal eventsExamines the setting in which criminal events take placeIS IT NEWCriminal event theory is not new Interwoven with routine activities theory lifestyle exposure theory and environmental criminologyAll focus on routine activities motivated offenders criminal opportunitiessuitable targets guardianship and situational crime preventionCRIMES AS SOCIAL EVENTSCriminal event theory says crimes should be viewed as social eventsInvolve people interacting with each othereg offenders victims bystanders witnesses criminal justice personnelReferred to as events or episodes because they have a beginning and an endTYPICAL OFFENDERMost offenders are young males more than 75 in some offence categories aged 1524 lower socioeconomic status and unemployedtemporarily unemployed1524 age group represented only 14 of population in 2004 while accounting for 42 of violent crime reports and 32 of property crimeEXCUSES EXCUSESExcuse based explanation denial of responsibilityOffender may agree the act was wrong but say that heshe didnt do itJUSTIFICATIONOffenders accepts responsibility but claims the act was justifiedOffenders says the victim deserved it or was asking for it or that everyone else is doing it why cant IFEELING OF GUILTKnown as techniques of neutralizationOffenders do experience feeling of guilt and find it necessary to rationalizejustify their behaviorVICTIMS CHARACTERISTICSLooks the same as their offendersIndividuals most likely to be victimized are young males 1524 years of age who are poor andor from ethnic minoritiesPeople over 65 years of age are least to be victimized
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