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Chapter 2

CRIM-135 - Chapter 2 Notes (Textbook + Lectures)

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CRIM 135
John Ferguson

Tuesday January 7 2014Chapter 2 TextbookLecturesCriminology 135 The Sources of Canadian Law From the Plains of Abraham to Statutes and Judicial Decisions Early Sources Rethinking the Plains of AbrahamMagna Carta of 1215 significant for bringing the English their first true shift from monarchy to democracyFeudalism the political and economic system that granted nobility and land in exchange for the labour and military service of serfs or vassals on the landBattle of the Plains of Abraham resulted in significant future legal pronouncements Royal Proclamation of 1763 Constitution Act 1791 British North America Act 1867Canadas original and defining source of law The Conceptual Divisions of LawDomestic Law the law of a single nationstateInternational Law law that is ideally common to all nationstates typically mediated by the United Nations All forms
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