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Chapter 10

CRIM-135 - Chapter 10 Notes (Textbook + Lectures)

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CRIM 135
John Ferguson

Chapter 10 TextbooksLectureCriminology 135Criminal law is the most coercive and intrusive form of public lawOffences against persons offences against property offences considered to by evil in themselves Defines what the state regards as intolerable deviance Definition of crime should openly face the moral issues Actus Reusan evil act the forbidden act Two very important aspects of actus reus 1 every act must be voluntary 2 must be specified in legislation so that the forbidden act can be recognized and defended against section 7 of Chartermust be committed in order to be convicted of a criminal offence must simultaneously posses mens reaan evil mind or intention many different types Willful blindnessRecklessnesswanton disregard for othersKnowledgepossession 3 steps 1 Knowledge 2 Consent 3 ControlObjective intentioncommitting an act co
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