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Chapter 1

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Simon Fraser University
CRIM 220
Samantha Balemba

Research Proposal is simply what youre planning to doCuriousWhat do you do when you have a questionYou figure out what you need to know make sense of the information and for some tentative conclusions This is research methods Ask a question figure out what you need to know make sense of the info and form a conclusionEveryday Errors in ReasoningOvergeneralization People think what is true for one case is true for all cases Textbook definition An error in reasoning that occurs when we conclude that what we have observed or know to be true for a subset of cases hold true for the entire set Ex A majority of black people are good at basketball Selective Observation Preexisting beliefs or biases Looking at phenomena according to personal beliefs regardless of fact Textbook definition Observations chosen because they are in accord with preferences or beliefs of the observers Inaccurate Observation See a phenomena that did not occur or perceive it differently Textbook definition Observations based on faulty perceptions of empirical reality Illogical Reasoning Draw conclusions from invalid assumptions Textbook definition When we jump prematurely to conclusions or argue on the basis of invalid assumptions we are using illogical reasoning Resistance to Change New information fails to change attitudes Textbook definition Relectance to change ideas in light of new information due to ego based commitments excessive devotion to tradition or uncritical agreement with authorities Social Science ResearchScience Logical systematic documented methods for investigating nature and natural processes Science relies on logical and systematic methods to answer questions and it does so in a way that allows others to inspect and evaluate its methods Social Science The use of scientific methods to investigate individuals societies and social processes All about applying the research methods to peoplesocietyGoals of Social Science ResearchReduce OvergeneralizationReduce selective or inaccurate observation We do this by systematically selecting our research and remove biasAvoid illogical reasoningLessen resistance to change and rather encourage such change Science Vs Pseudoscience
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