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Chapter 2

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Samantha Balemba

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What to do and what not to do Theory Building and the Process of ResearchChapter 2Criminological Research QuestionsQuestions about an aspect of crime criminals or the CJS Why does a certain crime happen more than others Why are men more likely to be sex offenders than women Should we change a policy Some question about the CJSYou have to pose a question that can be answered by data collection and analysisPossible sourcesTheoryPrior researchResearchs observationsexperiencesWhat makes a good research questionFeasibility Is what you have proposed to do actually realistic How much time do you have You have to know how much time you have and what resources are available to you You have to base your research on how much money you have What resourcesSocial Importance The question must be important to criminology or policy You have to make sure people care about it and some people say thats something we should look at Should be important to a certain community andor govt Scientific Relevance What has previous research said about the topic How does your question fit it You have to look at what other people have done in the area Any question that you come up with some other study has answered it or answered something like it You want to make sure your question fits in with something that has already been doneSocial Research FoundationLiterature Review Locate relevant researchScholarly sources peerreviewed journal articlesSummarize Youve found a lot of good research Now you have to summarize it You have to nitpick certain information that it relevant to research and summarize itCritique You have to look at what theyve done what they could have done better etc Present conclusions This means you take everything and present certain patterns in all the journalsAnnotated bibliographyCriminological TheoryWhats the pointExplain or understand something that happens in the real world We see x leads to y why is that If we want to just explain something theory is a great way to do that
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