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Chapter 4

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CRIM 316
Eric Beauregard

CH 4 Cycle of Sexual Offending IntroductionOffence cyclePlanning that goes into the offencecognitive process that the offender uses to be able to continue offending o Offence rarely spontaneous usually with a level of planninggrooming that leads up to the offenceo They neutralize their feelings through cognitive distortionsfeel little or no remorse guilt or shameThe Offence Cycle DecisionsOffenders make a series of decisions prior to committing the sexual actdecisions may transpire long term or may also occur quickly if there is a situation where an abusive opportunity is presentRarely a straightforward decision to just abusebut series of decisions taken together lead to abuse o Series of seemingly irrelevant decisions SIDscreate a proenvironment for the offendersEg rapist go to bar where his prior offence occurred against a woman he met at bar while he was intoxicated convicted child sexual abuser who goes to the corner deli at 3pm when children in his neighborhood get out of school and stop to get snacksThese SIDs do not make deviant sexual thoughts normally but it place the offenders in environments in which they have access to potential victims through their routine activates Cognitive DistortionsOffence cycle involves multiple determinants including the integration of thoughts feelings and behaviours o Determinants may be situation in nature in a situation in which offending is possible o May involve negative affective states Depression anger or loneliness o Based on past learning offender was abused in a similar way as a child o Offenders action may be reinforced pleasure derived from the abusive actTies together theories from earlier preconditions opportunity structure cognitive distortionSeveral steps involved in the offence cycle o Offender has negative thoughts lead to selfpitynobody likes me Im no goodLeads to negative feelings anger frustration loneliness inadequacy Negative thoughtsfeelings interactlead
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