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Chapter 2

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CRIM 355
Gail Anderson

Chapter 2Strengthening Forensic Science in the United StatesSenate report1Assess present and future resource needs of FS communityinclude State set forth charge to and local crime labs medical examiners coronersFS committee 2Make recommendations for maximizing use of forensic technologies and instructionstechniques to solve crimes investigate deaths protect public 3Identify potential scientific advances thatll assist law enforcement in using forensic technologies and techniques to protect public4Recommendation for programs thatll increase number of qualified forensic scientists and medical examiners available to work in public crime labs5Disseminate best practices and guidelines concerning collection and analysis of forensic evidence to help ensure quality and consistency of use of technologies and techniques to crime6Examine role of forensic communityhomeland security mission7Examine interoperability of AFIS automated fingerprint info system8Examine additional issues pertaining to FS determined by committeeProject Committee established by national academy of sciences in 2006 to implement Identifying the congressional chargesenate reportpersons selectedFS communityNeeds of the FS legal communityother scientistcommunityMeetingsheard expert testimonydeliberate over info Heard between meetingsreview published materialsstudiesreports related to FSresearch Issues during committees hearings and deliberationsaFundamentals of scientific method as applied to forensic practice hypothesistest falsifiabiltyreplication peer review of scientific publicationsbAssess forensic methods and technologiescollect and analyze forensic data accuracy and error rates of analysis source of potential bias and human error in interpretation by experts proficiency test for expertscInfrastructure and needs for basic research and technology assessment in FSdCurrent training and education in FSeStructure and operation of FS labfStructure and operation of coroner and medical examiner systemsgBudget future needs priorities of FS community and coronermedical examiner systemshAccreditation certification licensing of FS operations medical death investigation system scientistsiScientific working groups SWGs and their practicesjFS practicespatternexperience evidence fingerprints firearms examination tool marks bite marks impressions blood stain analysis hair handwriting analytical evidence DNA coating chemicals materials fluids serology explosive analysis digital evidencekEffectiveness of coroner systems vs medical examiner systems lUse of forensic evidence in criminal and civil litigationCollectionflow of evidence from crime scene to courtrooms chain of custodyManner which forensic practiconers testify in courtCases involving misinterpretation of forensic evidenceAdversarial system in criminal and civil litigationLawyers use and misuse of forensic evidenceJudes handling of forensic evidenceForensic practice and projects at various federal agenciesForensic practice in state and local agenciesNontraditional forensic service prodders FS community in UKCant address every question13 recommendations on most important issuesFurther 1Assist law enforcement officials in their investigations to identify perpetrators advancesimprovewith higher reliability
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