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Chapter 1

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ECON 103
Iryna Dudnyk

Econ 103 Chapter 1 notes -Economics = a particular way of thinking about behaviour -Economic thinking is constrained by a number of explicit assumptions, known now as economic principles -When you put these principles together, they form a basic economic model. -Everyone uses "models" to function in life. -Often graphs for economists -Models should have these characteristics: -Formal -Honest assumptions, so that we have a better idea about where our model needs fixing when it fails to explain some behaviour -May make unrealistic assumptions, but that can lead to true conclusions (in this book most assumptions are true) -Explicit assumptions -Testable -A model that is capable of being shown wrong -Useful -Simple -Other things being equal, a model should be simple and easy to use. -Consistent with the general facts of the world -Economics use the scientific method, as well as faith. -Seven principles: -Maxi
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