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Intersections Review

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Stephen Collis

Intersections Review 1 Why Johnny Can’t Think by Walter Karp - There is something wrong with North American schooling - The education system is doing a bad job, but is doing a good job of hushing students and making sure they aren’t too opinionated – the job it was designed for Sense and Sensibility by Lewis H. Lapham - Literary allusions - Daughter would not invade privacy of the bacteria because they were entitled to their rights - Teacher congratulated her for her “principled dissent” - Waiter/waitress refused to serve a pregnant woman a rum daiquiri; lectured her on the evils of alcohol - Too many busy bodies - People with businesses impose rules on things including nature - Law enforcement - We are too repressive Coming Home to Television by John Romano - Switched from academia to TV writing - Some people say he “went up” because more $ and popular - Some say he “went down” because he went from being intellectual to having to “dumb down” - Some say he went “lateral” because he is still in the writing business, still requires same general skills - Used anecdotes to teach lessons - Longed for a larger audience - Screenplay more liberating A Defense of Reading by Marie Winn - Television has a greater negative impact on preschoolers/prereaders because they are still developing - Less cognitive effort to watch TV because you don’t use imagination, not actively watching The Way We Woo by Heather Pringle - Subtleties of human courtship, patterns of behaviour stemming from a distant past - Researches and reports on recent studies by anthropologists who, influenced by Darwin’s theories of natural selection, believe that human mating behaviour is genetically programmed, not culturally determined - Step-by-step process analysis of body language of courting couples - Compares and contrasts human behaviour with animal and human behaviour across different cultures - Presents statistics from anthropological studies to support interpretations of human mating behaviour st - Draws analogies between mating/courtship behaviours of early hominids and those of 21 century humans The Monster’s Human Nature by Stephen Jay Gould - Films distort thematic subtlety of their sources beyond recognition - Nature-nurture - How much of behaviour is controlled by upbringing or biology? - Relates “dry” scientific topic with social issues like gender and class Intersections Review 2 - Gould doesn’t believe “anatomy is destiny” (biological determinism) Charles Darwin’s Tree of Life by O. B. Hardison Jr.
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