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ENGL 201
Matt Hussey

Morte Darthur BackgroundInfo: -1st major prose work of English language -Written by Thomas Malory (c.1405-1471) and published by William Caxton -Taken from many sources, but primarily from: French Arthurian Prose Cycle -Originally titled The Book of King Arthur and His Noble Knights of the Round Table to which Caxton changed it to Morte Darthur -8 tales over 21 books with 507 chapters -In Caxton's Preface, Caxton appears to be concerned as to whether readers believe the tale of Arthur is merely a fable or an actual part of history -"To whom I answered that diverse men hold opinion that there was no such Arthur, and that all such books as been made of him be feigned and fables, because that some chronicles make of him no mention, nor remember him nothing, nor his knights" (797) -Goes on to provide evidence and concludes that "[he] could not well deny but that there was such a noble king named Arthur" (798) Giventheabove: -Malory often explicitly mentions the "French book" throughout the text (like Caxton, appears to be concerned with whether the legend of Arthur was true or not) -Eg. pg. 755: "So in the greatest church of London, whether it were Paul's or not the French Book"- Location (St. paul's or not) -Pg. 759 (2nd column): "For, as the French book saith"- Arthur suspecting the Queen and Lancelot -Pg. 760 (2nd column): "For, as the French book says"- Says the Queen and Lancelot were together -pg. 766 (2nd column): "As the French book saith"- Lancelot struck Sir Gareth -Each time the "French book" is mentioned, we are drawn out from the text's diegetic world and are reminded that there is a narrator telling the story -Shows how t
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