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The Silver Chair

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ENGL 387
Nicole Didicher

‘The Silver Chair’ Notes 1 CHAPTER 1 – BEHIND THE GYM Experiment House  Jill crying because of bullies  School lets them do what they want  is the word for that ‘democracy’?  Scrubb tells Jill about his previous journey to Narnia, swears upon “everything” (bible not encouraged @ Experiment House)  Eustace says to face east because that’s what Aslan would like (because his country is to the East)  They claimed they were calling Aslan but it was really Aslan calling them  Running from people at school  the usually locked door was unlocked  opened to Aslan’s Mountain Aslan’s Mountain  Scrubb afraid of heights, especially the cliff they were on because it was much bigger  Jill had a “good head for heights” but she could not move away the cliff (“her legs seemed to have turned into putty”), frightened, dizzy o Scrubb tried pulling her away, Jill wrenched away from his grip, Scrubb fell off the cliff o Aslan came flying up and blew him to Narnia CHAPTER 2 – JILL IS GIVEN A TASK Aslan’s Country  Aslan walked back into the forest  Jill crying because she doesn’t know Scrubb is safe, stopped crying, suddenly really thirsty, does she hear running water?  Finds Aslan laying by the only stream but she is too scared to go near  Aslan tells her she can drink so she hesitantly does  Since Jill was showing off on the mountain, her task will be harder  Old King Caspian X = sad because his son Prince Rilian was stolen 10 years ago and nobody knows where he is  Aslan gives them the task of finding the Prince, with FOUR SIGNS to help o When Eustace gets to Narnia, he must greet an old and dear friend to get help. o Go North to the ruined city of the ancient giants o Obey the writing on the stone of that city o You will know it is the Prince when he asks you to do something “in the name of Aslan”  Jill must remember to do these in order to succeed: o Repeat the signs every morning / night / when she wakes up in the middle of the night. o Let nothing turn your mind from following the signs o Narnian air isn’t as clear so the signs will not look the same as you expect them to  Aslan blows her West towards Narnia  Jill comes up to the mouth of a river where there is a brightly coloured ship and Scrubb Children’s Literature ‘The Silver Chair’ Notes 2 CHAPTER 3 – THE SAILING OF THE KING Narnia, at the King’s castle of Cair Paravel  Castle  Tall ship on which an old old man was boarding  King Caspian X  Fat little dwarf with him  Trumpkin (title: Lord Regent)  1/5 of the crowd was human, the rest were creatures such as fauns, satyrs, centaurs, dwarves, bears, badgers, etc  Although there were animals, they were much bigger (e.g., mice were 2 feet tall on their hind legs)  A few giants  JILL JUST REMEMBERED THE SIGNS  tells Scrubb to find an old friend, he tells her to “dry up”  King sails off  owl called Glimfeather flies up and asks who they are  Scrubb realizes that the King that boarded the ship is his “old friend” (SIGN #1)  Narnians refer to Eustace and Jill as “Son of Adam” and “Daughter of Eve”  humans from earth o Reference to C.S. Lewis’ Christian worldview  They supposedly missed the first sign so they talked to Trumpkin the dwarf about Aslan sending them  Trumpkin sends them to eat, get cleaned, and go to bed CHAPTER 4 – A PARLIAMENT OF OWLS Jill’s room + tower in Cair Paravel  Jill kept saying “I must go to bed” over and over, until Glimfeather tapped on the window of her room  He asks if she and Scrubb are earnest about finding the lost prince  Glimfeather flies Scrubb somewhere while Jill gets ready, comes back for Jill  Takes them to a tower on the castle for a “parliament of owls  Trumpkin will lock up anyone that goes to look for the lost prince because the King doesn’t want any more of the “bravest Narnians” destroyed  King sailed off to search for Aslan in islands (Terebinthia) for his opinion on who should be king next  ~10 years ago, Prince Rilian was riding with his mother and others to northern Narnia (they were Maying)  Queen stopped to rest  BRIGHT GREEN SERPENT KILLED HER  Prince would look all day for th
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