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Chapter 1

Chapter 1: The Basics of Law

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ENV 319
David Boyd

ENV 319 Book Notes An Introduction to Environmental Law and Policy in Canada By: P. Muldoon, A. Lucas, R. Gibson, and P. Pickfield Chapter 1: The Basics of Law Canadian Legislatures make law by enacting statutes and making regulations under these statutes Common Law – judge-made decisions about similar cases stretching back in time Legitimacy – a law gains legitimacy by being made by legitimate authorities - Law works best if it widely accepted - Any law that is not generally accepted by those expected to obey it is difficult to apply - Closely tied to reasonableness Reasonable person – solid and responsible - Has characteristics and ideas common to most people in the community Two fundamental principles of good law: 1. Human equality – the law must apply equally to all citizens, including public officials 2. Consistency and impartiality – disputes between citizens and the government must be decided by properly authorized and impartial judicial bodies according to the law Historical Foundations - As nomads,
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