GSWS 102 Chapter 9: GSWS 102 Readings Week 9

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Gender Sexuality & Wom St
GSWS 102
Jen Marchbank

GSWS 102 Readings Week 9 March 7 2017 Women’s Studies as Feminist Activism p. 123 - Activism for black women in western societies she argues has taken the form of a struggle for group survival and struggle institutional transformation - ‘education has long served as a powerful symbol for the important connections among self change and empowerment in African American communities - education empowers women of all kinds - access to feminist education may decode the meaning of words that describe a masculine world view - women’s liberation movement led feminists to believe that way forward lay with organizing separately, empowering women rather than changing male dominated institutions and men themselves within those institutions - women who did not work within those patriarchal structures were seen as anti and un feminist – more concerned with personal power than transforming society to benefit all women - feminism- lying not in male dominated institutions like universities, but in small community based grass root activities under the control of women The Development of Women’s Studies From Feminist Activism to Academic Feminism - grassroot educational agencies that were staffed by feminists were the most successful feminist classes - community level classes = acitivists - smaller classes were sharing knowledge and experience, support and friendship, empowering women, and even changing lives - late 1980s women studies now found at higher institutions such as universities - victory of all universities in Britain offering women studies program at cost – lost control over what and whom could be taught - women studies courses had to be assessed from universities to grant credit The Student Body - amount of female students tripled - presence of women students and teachers changed view of university admissions – led to female student body increasing The Student Experience - women choose to take women studies course to make change in their lives and identify se
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