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- Constant struggle between Anglophones and francophones - Britain and France struggling over Canadian soil - 7 year war = Britain taking over France’s colonies in North America - During the world wars, French were against conscription and support of the war o Believed that we should have Canadian nationalism and not support imperialism (English speaking people) o English speakers only went to war to support imperialism, Britain o - Francophones = minority - Want to preserve their own French culture; hard because rest of Canada was Anglophones - Separatist movements has been an ideology that can be found throughout Canadian history - Many rebellions and fighting for French Canadian nationalism - Quiet revolution o Jean Lesage, premier of Quebec o Radical nonviolent transformation in the politics, society and economy of Quebec o Traditional people modernized the economy and the social structure o Secularization – Roman catholic churches no longer controlled education, health care, social services o Took measures to get control over the province’s economy and nationalized electricity production and distribution o Widespread change o More support for independence o Defend Quebecois culture and language o Modernize Quebec society - Quiet revolution was a non-violent and legal repercussions used to promote separatism in Quebec o Many people also protested in non-violent but illegal ways (ex. Vandalism) o But there was also a movement that associated independence with violence o FLQ o They protested many ways  Bombed rich Anglophone neighbourhood  Stole money and military equipment  Kidnapped two men and later murdered one of them  War measures act was used to arrest any FLQ members - During this time period (1960-1970) the support for separatism in Quebec increased - Especially when the parti Quebecois was formed conceptualized - Later a group, Parti Quebecois, emerged claiming that Quebec needed to be independent - Introduced measures to strengthen and protect the use of French language in the province o Making it the official language of government and the courts , and businesses o Even passed a bill that restricted English-language education - Parti Quebecois called for a referendum in the province on the question of separation in 1980 o It was defeated (40% in favor) - The parti quebecois was relected in 1981 but support began to d
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