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Chapter 4

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Health Sciences
HSCI 100
Nienkevan Houten

Chapter 4FROM CELL TO ORGAN SYSTEMTissuesA collection of cells of the same type that perform a common function4 major tissue types1ConnectiveServes as a storage sitefor fat play an important part in immunity providethe body and its organs with protection and support1FibrousBoth contain aLoose fibrousfibroblast cells with a matrix of Create loose open frameworkcollagen and elastic fibresBetween muscles surrounding glandsAdipose tissue is a special loose fibrous tissue where fat is storedbDense fibrousDensely packedTendons ligaments2SupportiveaCartilageSolid yet flexible matrixLow blood supplyNose external ear aHyaline cartilageoFine collagen fibres nose end of long bone and fetal skeletonbElastic cartilageoMore elastic fibres than cartilage fibres outer ear
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