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Chapter 5

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Health Sciences
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HSCI 100
Nienkevan Houten

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Chapter 5BONEFUNCTIONSupport the bodyProtect the soft body partsProduce blood cellsStore minerals calciumphosphate and fatAllow for movement by attaching musclesBONESTRUCTUREDiaphysisShaft of the bone thatsmade of compact boneand filled with yellow marrowEpiphysisEnds of the bone thats made mostly of spongy boneArticular cartilageHyaline cartilage found on the ends of long bonesYellow bone marrowStores fatRed bone marrow Makes blood cells found in spongy bone and flat bonesPeriosteumLiving outer covering of fibrous connective tissuesLigaments Fibrous connective tissue that connects bonesCompactbone
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