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Health Sciences
HSCI 100
Nienkevan Houten

Chapter 14STRUCTUREOFTHERESPIRATORYSYSTEMFunction is to provide the body with oxygen and to dispose carbon dioxide an exchange that also regulates the acidity of the body fluidsThe 4 process that plays a part in respiration BreathingVentilation bringing oxygen rich air into the lungs and moving air laden withcarbon dioxide out of lungs External respirationExchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide between the lungs and the bloodOxygen moves from the lungs into the bloodCarbon dioxide moves from blood into the lungsGas transportTransport of oxygen from the lungs to the cells and of carbon dioxide from the cells to the lungs Internal respirationExchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide between blood and tissue cellsOxygen moves from blood to cells where its used in cellular respiration to make ATP and CO2CO made by the cells moves into the blood 2Nose3 important functionsFiltration and cleansingNose help clear particles from air that moves through its passage Hairs inside the nose filter out the largest particle
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