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Chapter 12

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Health Sciences
HSCI 100
Nienkevan Houten

Chapter 12CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM Includes the heart and blood vesselsBlood is refreshed in the lung kidneysintestine and liverLymphatic vessels help this system by collecting excess fluid surrounding tissues and return it to the cardiovascular system Provide means for distributing vital chemicals from one part of the body to another quickly enough to sustain lifeFunction of cardiovascular system 1Generate blood pressure2Transport blood and other components3Exchange of nutrients glucose and wastes CO at the capillaries24Regulate blood flow as needed BLOOD VESSELSLumen the hollow interior of a blood vessel through which blood blows Composed of squamous epitheliumEpithelium provides a smooth surface that minimize friction so blood can flow smoothly Arteries Muscle tubes that carry blood away from the heart The wall has 3 layers1Thin inner epithelium simple squamous 2Thick smooth muscle layerElastic fibres allow an artery to stretch and then return to normalHelp the artery tolerate the pressure shock caused by blood surging into it when the heart contractsHelp maintain a relatively even pressure within the arterySmooth muscles allow the artery to contractDiameter of lumen becomes smaller vasoconstriction blood flow through artery
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