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Chapter 9

chapter 9 hsci 100 notes

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Simon Fraser University
Health Sciences
HSCI 100
Nienkevan Houten

Chapter 9SENSORYRECEPTORSThey are dendrites of neurons specialized to detect certain types of stimuliExteroceptors detect stimuli from outside the body taste hear smellInteroceptors receives stimuli from inside the body change in blood pressureTypesofsensoryreceptorsChemoreceptorsRespond to nearby chemicalsPain receptors responds to chemicals released by damaged tissue smelling odors blood pHPhotoreceptorsRespond to light energyMechanoreceptorsRespond to mechanical forcesFull bladder muscle stretching or hearing sound wavesThermoreceptorsStimulated by temperature changes In hypothalamusHowsensationoccursSensory receptors respond to environmental stimuliNerve impulses travel to the cerebral cortexSensation conscious perception of stimuli occursIntegration of stimuli can modulate the sensationSensor adaptionin stimulus response ca occur with repetitive stimuliOverall processhomeostasis GENERALSENSESFree nerve endingTips of the dendrites of sensory neurons are not protected by an accessory structure
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