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hsci 130- All our Sisters: Stories of homeless women in Canada

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Simon Fraser University
Health Sciences
HSCI 130
Rochelle Tucker

All our Sisters: Stories of homeless women in Canada By: Susan Scott Social Determinants (environment &education) -women can’t find full time employment due to  lack of education & job skills  lack of affordable child care -environment influences health -ex. 1 character had abusive partner, did drugs to cope “homeless” - ex.willow : no housing>lack of stability> can’t go to school>no good job = social isolation -“80% of criminal activity is poverty related” -“homeless women age 18-44 are 10 times more likely to die than women in the general pop” -problems quantity and quality of food  difficult to take pills & meals on the move  (no fam doctor, no address)  easy to pick up lice, tuberculosis, flu in crowded shelters Determinants: Gender & Ethnicity Paradigms and Racism towards Aboriginal people -F.P/G.S: ~temporary work for men is found easier than women ~women less likely to have decent wages or secure jobs -GS: women are charged more than men (prostitution) -if women supported other women maybe they wouldn’t sell their body to men T.N.H -increase pressures on women to be care-givers (nuturant) -causes them more ill health Ethnicity: racism against Aboriginals -denied meals in wa
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