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HUM 130 Chapter Notes -Impermanence

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HUM 130
Michael Newton

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The Heart of Understanding Reading I (1-26)
Please read the text thoughtfully!
1. Read the Forward, page one and two. What is your impression of The Heart of
Perfect Understanding? What meaning do you get out it? Why might it be hard
to understand?
2. Read pages 3-4. What is the concept of interbeing. What is your reaction to it?
3. “As thin as this piece of paper is, it contains everything in the universe in it.” P. 4
How is this possible? Explain in your own words and give another example.
4. Read up to page 8. What is the difference between knowledge and
understanding? Is this a useful distinction? How does it connect to the Gita?
5. Read up to page 8. “Empty of a separate self”. Explain that in your own words.
If you are empty of a separate self what might that mean for how you live your
6. Read up to page 11. Why is pain overcome? What is meant by pain here?
7. . “Because one exists, everything exists”. What is the logic behind this?
8. Read up to page 17. “Form does not have a separate existence.” What might be
the ramifications of this?
9. What is the relationship between emptiness, impermanence and inter-being?
10. Read up page 27. Nothing is born and nothing dies. What does this mean here?
How do you respond to this? In what ways might this concept be helpful?
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