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y Asia minormaps 1 and 2 on page 1314 of The Homeric Hymns y Hesoid received a prize tripod possibly for the Theogeny for which he dedicated it to the muses of Helicon o Same muses he calls on 3 times at the beginning of the Theogeny 1 36 115 y Hesoid glorifies kings 8197 and the kingship of Zeus 881902 in the Theogeny but in Works and Days he describes kings as gifteating o Poems written for different audiencesy Helicon y ScepterA shoot of sturdy laurel o A symbol for the right of speech o Poets and kings carry it Creation y Story of the birth or generation the gon of the gods theoi starts with four primordial spontaneous no parents entities o Chaos A gap maybe between earth and sky o EarthGaiaeversure foundation of all deathless ones who hold peaks of snowy Olympus o Tartarusdim the lowest point below EarthLater seen as the place of greatest punishmentHello Erosfairest among deathless gods who unnerves limbs and overcomes the mind and
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