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Simon Fraser University
Interactive Arts & Tech
IAT 309W
Helmine Serban

Week 1 reading notes:  Clouse Ch1  Analytical reading - Pay close attention to ideas, evaluate merit  Step 1: Preview the Material  Step 2: Read Thoughtfully • Author’s thesis • Consider the intended Audience and Purpose • Distinguish between Facts and Opinions • Make Inferences • Make Connections • Assess the Quality of Source Material • Draw Conclusions • Highlight and Annotate the Text  Step 3: Review and Write for Stud and Retention • SQ3R ♦ Survey: skim titles, headings, review questions, topic sentences ♦ Questions: examine questions that have been assigned, or form questions ♦ Read: highlight text’s main ideas and key vocabulary ♦ Recite: make connections between readings and what you learn in class ♦ Review: do a summary of what you have read to prepare for exams  Analyzing Visual Content  What’s the topic?  What’s the intended audience?  What’s the purpose?  What are the components, how they help the image achieve the purpose?  What can you infer from the image?  Clouse Ch2  Six steps of Writing Process  Generating ideas, esta
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