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Chapter 2

IAT 343 Chapter Notes - Chapter 2: Flowchart, Concept Art, The Climax

Interactive Arts & Tech
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IAT 343
Steve DiPaola

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Stories are the most common and powerful vehicle we use to talk about life
o Communicates facts
o Provides answers to questions
o Make us feel different emotions
o Provoke actions that shape reality
o Essence of animation
Animations tell stories and communicate emotions that are initially drafted in screenplays, and
later in storyboards and character sheets
o Job of an animator involves the visual interpretation of a story and its characters
Translate emotions and personality through facial expressions etc
Start which sketch of visual interpretations
Audience is a crucial aspect
Story development takes place before production begins
o Writer develops story before any other production has started or any budget has been
committed to the project
o Marks beginning of production
o Focus on developing characters and plot
o Adapt to strengths and limitations of visual medium in question
o A few revisions occur between final script
Writers write better stories and use less clichés when they write about topics they believe in
Stories can be classified in categories or genres
o Each story genre has its own characteristics
A screenplay is a written document that tells a story by using descriptions, dialog, and some
production notes
o Not an end product
o It is a vehicle for the story to be retold with images in the form of an animation, a movie, or
a play
Screenplays tell stories in ways that can be translated into moving images
o One page of a screenplay is usually equivalent to 1 minute of action on the screen
o All screenplays have in common a subject and clearly defined treatment of the subject that
is adequate for the intended audience
o The treatment of the subject is defined by the POV that the storyteller wants to convey to
the audience
Considering the intended audience can make it easier to define the treatment for a
screenplay's subject
o The subject of a screenplay is defined by what a story is about, who the characters are, and
what happens to them throughout the sequence of events
Important to develop the personality of all characters before the story is told
Classical story design works best if you are interested in reaching a mainstream audience
o Includes a single protagonist facing external conflict and/or an antagonist within a
consistent reality and with a closed ending, among other things
Meaningful moments are about meaningful change
o Produces emotions
o Change occurs through conflict and its resolution
Consider the following when designing your story:
o The driving challenge (WHAT)
o The motivation and changes (WHY)
o The period (WHEN)
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