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Chapter 3

Phil-XX1 - Chapter 3 Notes (Textbook + Lectures)

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PHIL 105

Tuesday January 7 2014Chapter 3TextbookLecturesPhil XX1The premises of any argument are put forth as reasons for accepting its conclusion Are the premises true A conclusion based on false premises should be doubted Is the argument logical Would the premises if true provide strong support for the conclusionDeductive argument when the premises and conclusion are related in such a way that the truth of the premises guarantees the truth of the conclusionDeductive support if the premises are all true then the conclusion must be trueInductive argument if the premises are all true then probably the conclusion is true but it might be falseInductive support provides good reasons but not conclusive reasons to accept the conclusion Fallacies fallacious argument the alleged argument offers only very weak support or is irrelevant to the conclusion the premises of fallacious arguments even if true do not guarantee or even make it probable that the conclusion is true conclusion may
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