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Static equilibrium-Torque Beam Question Guideline

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PHYS 101
Andrew Debenedictis

First note that the system is in static equilibrium. Therefore, net Torque and net force are 0. Draw the FBD and list the different forces. You should have the: Torque for the weight of the beam + the Torque for the person's weight=Torque of the Tension. Using this torque formula, find the torque for each and equate them. Pay attention to the r for each one from the info in the question. Also note that the angle for the weight torques is the one between the beam closest to the pivot point (origin) and the weight force. Notice the F geometry? It should indicate something..Similarly, the angle for the tension is the angle between the tension and the line of action extending from the radius. Hint the angle is theta+90 degree as indicated in the drawing. Now you can solve for x. Part B: You are asked to find the Horizontal and Vertical pin forces or similarly, nx and ny. n=normal force. In order to do this, you need to break the force Tension into its x and y components in your FBD the same way you should have indicated the nx and ny components. You will find that there is a relationship between the normal force components and the tension components. The tricky part is knowing that there is a third angle you need to find. Let's call this angle alpha. In the diagram, angle alpha is the angle between the wall and the cord. We need this angle to find the angle between Tmax (Tension force) and its y component using the z geometry. Using your trig knowledge and given th
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