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Unit 2 Notes

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Political Science
POL 101W
Andy Heard

Chapter 2 “Governments & States; Perpetual works in progress” Governments and States are structures of governance Democratic deficit: When citizens feel that the actions of the governments and state do not meet their expectations. Global governance: A global system of laws and norms of behaviours. • State: A modern form of organizing a political life that is characterized by a population, territory, governing institutions, and a government that claims a monopoly of legitimate force; recognition of UN, might also be needed. Sovereignty: The ultimate power over a population and a piece of territory. Chapter 3 “Cultural Pluralism, Nationalism, and Identity” Nationalism: An ideology that holds that certain populations are nations, that the world is divided into nations, and that a nation should be self-determining. • Race: A socially constructed term for cultural and visible assertion between humans. Affirmative Action: aka “reverse discrimination” Programs that forcefully employ, educate, etc in order to gain statistical parity. Course reader “Referece Re Secession of Quebec” To be accorded legitimacy, democratic institutions must rest, ultimately, on a legal foundation. That is, they must allow for the participation of, and accountability to, the people, through the public institutions created under the constitution. The secession of Quebec from Canada cannot be accomplished by the national assembly, the legislature or government of Quebec unilaterally. The democratic vote, by however strong majority,
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