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Unit 4 Notes

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Political Science
POL 101W
Andy Heard

Study Guide Political Socialization is the process of passing along values and attitudes about political matter Subculture is when groups within a society hold different and distinctive views that set them apart from the majority. When people don’t trust their political leaders and little belief in their own political efficacy, an alienation starts to develop, which can be destabilizing. For democracies to survive, people need to be active by voting, interest groups, political parties, mass rallies. A requirement of a democracy is that leaders must be willing to lose. IDENTITY POLITICS The search by individuals and groups for recognition of their distinctiveness. Canadians think of themselves in terms of class identity (middle class, working class, upper class). Many groups are so large, diverse, or unorganized, for there to be no leaders to be selected by them to represent them; i.e Chinese Canadians, university students, etc. There is strong support in western democracies that benefits distributed be equally distributed regardless of race or gender. POLITICAL CLEAVAGES Groups who identify themselves as distinct can have profound political ramificatio
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