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Unit 7 Notes

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Political Science
POL 101W
Andy Heard

LEGISLATURES Two important factors that limit the legislature is the executive dominance and party discipline. • A Majority government will have the legislature strongly influenced by the executive. • A minority government has no single party as a majority, but only 1 in the cabinet. Which means the ruling party must negotiate with others to pass legislation. • A coalition government invoves 2 or more parties in the cabinet that together make a majority. In a classic parliamentary government model, the legislature is supposed to take an independent stance in assessing the government’s legislative proposals and activities. However few modern legislatures do. Modern party discipline means that the cabinet is usually in direct control of the legislative majority. The delegate view is when legislators only act in the views and wishes of those they represent. The trustee model is when the representative should listen to the concerns and desires of those they represent. Then use their own judgment in balancing the needs of their own constituency. I will mention the “microcosm of society” which is the notion that this is how legislatures should work not just representing but mirroring the
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