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Unit 8 Notes

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Political Science
POL 101W
Andy Heard

POLITICAL PARTIES Authoritarian regimes like military governments or dynastic regimes do not allow parties at all. • 8 functions political parties can fulfil o Aggregation and articulation of interests  Opportunity for like minded people to combine. Parties consolidate opinions into a single official policy. o Political Participation  Opportunity for people can get involved in the political process. This can encourage the “civic culture” that democracy needs to thrive. o Recruitment of new political office holders  People who aspire to public office can join parties to gain connections and experience. o Communication  Channel of information between political leaders and the population o Policmaking o Political socialization  Through activities organized by parties. Some parties even own news stations. o Simplification of choices for the electorate  Easier for voters to make decisions. Voters make their decisions based on parties instead of individual candidates. FUNCTIONS IN AN AUTHORIAN REGIME o Administrative support for government  Party can oversee work of beaurocarts, army, police, etc. The task of party units is to ensure that the state officials are carrying out orders, o Surveillance and intelligence  Spying on the populace Modern political parties are failing to perform properly as they drift toward elite-driven organizations. INTEREST GROUPS Interest groups are not part of the formal constitutional institutions of government they hope to influence government decisions without seeking political office. They also hope to influence public’s demands for public policies. Not all of them are full time interest groups, sometimes they’re unions that do it part time. • Roles interest groups can play o To influence specific g
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