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Unit 9 Notes

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Political Science
POL 101W
Andy Heard

DIRECT DEMOCRACY Its where citizens personally make government decisions. It’s still used today in an indirect fashion to let people vote on an issue. Referendums occur often in the USA, and its usually a vote on a new law, where it is in fact a formal legislative process. An initiative is a citizen-initiated process that can force the holding of a referendum on a particular topic. EX is the HST in BC. The recall procedure allows for the electorate to remove a sitting legislator and force a new election. REPRESENTATIVE DEMOCRACY Its when citizens elect a small group who will then make the decisions of government. In these elections citizens elect representatives to be members of one institution who then they elect an individual or group to fill other government positions. In the US many of the states work on a “winner-takes-all” basis whre the presidential candidate with the most secure votes of all the letoral college votes for that state. It’s possible that when the votes area ded up one candidate can win the popular vote, but still lose the presidency. To nominate a presidential candidate registered votes cast ballots to elect delegates to the national convention which actually cond
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