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Correlation and Regression

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Simon Fraser University
Political Science
POL 201
Paul Warwick

A Summary of the Key Points about Correlation and Regression At the interval level any relationship can be analyzed in terms of both its nature and its strengthNaturewe can visualize the shape or nature of the relationship by plotting our cases in a scatter diagram or scatterplotthe vertical axis represents the dependent variable Y and the horizontal axis represents the independent variable X and each case is plotted according to its Y and X scoresto summarize the nature of the relationship if any between X and Y we can fit a line as closely as possible to the cluster of points in the scattergramthis line is called a regression line and is defined by its Yintercept a and a slope bYabXb is known as the regression coefficientit tells us what change in Y is produced by a oneunit change in XnYYXXiii1bits formula is n2XXii1a is the intercept the value of Y when X0XbYaits formula is the regression equation also allows us to make predictions of Y by substituting in a value for X and calculating what Yvalue would be producedfor example the regression equation linking extremist party presence to government durability in the example used in class is Y330039X1
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