Concise notes for the Founding Fathers

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Simon Fraser University
Political Science
POL 232
Alexander Moens

NOTES FOR THE FOUNDING FATHERS A REFORM CAUCUS IN ACTION Q1 Review the main arguments made by Roche Q2 What explains the outcome of the Constitutional convention according to Roche799 not only were they revolutionaries but also they were democrats 799 they made history and did it within the limits of consensus 800 Convention has been described as a counterrevolutionary junta a military or political group that rules a country after taking power by forceConstitution as a coup detat sudden overthrow of government The need for a Conventiontoo much self interest of the stateseg Georgians wanted a strong central authority to provide military protection for their huge underpopulated stateJerseymen and Connecticuters wanted to escape from economic bondage to New York801 one can surmise that membership in Congress under the Article of Confederation worked to establish a continental frame of referencecontinental ideology development revisions of domestic institutions only by invigorating our general government could we assume our rightful place in the international arena801 survival in the Hobbesian jungle of world politicsdepended upon reordering and strengthening of our national sovereigntythe great achievement of the Constitutionalists was that their ultimate success in convincing themale population that change was
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