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Chapter 3

Chapter 3 biological foundations part 1.docx

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PSYC 100
Russell Day

Chapter 3biological foundations Neuronsbasic building blocks of nervous system o Comprises of a cell body dendrites and an axonCell bodysomakeep neuron alive with biochemical structures and its nucleus has genetic info that dictates how the cell should develop and functionDendritessmall branchlike fibers that take messages from neurons and send them on to the cell bodyAxonextends from one side of the cell body and sends electrical impulses away from cell body to other neurons muscles or glandsGlial cells surround neurons and hold them in place Also manufacture nutrient chemicals that neurons need form the myelin sheath around some axons absorb toxins and waste that might damage neuronsBloodbrain barrierprevents substances like toxins from entering the brain Electrical activity of neuronsdue to the distribution of positively and negatively charged neurons in and out of the neuron the neuron has an electrical resting potential when it is at restwhen stimulated ions pass in and out of the cell membrane and this reverses the electrical charge of the resting potential producing an action potential or nerve impulseoriginal ion distribution restored and neuron is at rest again ion channelscell membrane allows some substances to pass through these into the cell and limits other substances action
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