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Chapter 6

PSYC 100 Chapter Notes - Chapter 6: Anterograde Amnesia, Retrograde Amnesia, Echoic Memory

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PSYC 100
Russell Day

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Chapter 6- Memories
Storage: Maintaining Memories Over Time
Storage: is the process of maintain information in memory over time.
Sensory Storage
- A type of storage that hold sensory information for a few seconds or less
- Iconic memory: fast decaying store of visual information, usually last 1 to 2 second
- Echoic memory: fast decaying store of auditory information, usually last 5 second.
o “I am listening” when they are no
Short Term Storage
- hold non- sensory information for more than few seconds, but less than a minute.
o Usually 15-20 seconds
- Three way to keep information longer.
o Rehearsal
The process of keeping information in short term memory by mentally
repeating it
Limit: phone number- 7 digits
o Chunking
Combining small pieces of information into large clusters that are more
easily held in short term memory.
Ex: cold drink, hot meat, hot drink, cold dessert
o Working memory
Active maintenance of information in short term storage
Subsystem store and manipulation of the visual image or verbal
Ex: keep arrange chess pieces while planning your next move.
In the BRAIN: Frontal Lobe
Long Term Storage
- Type of storage that hold information for hours, days, weeks, or years.
- No known capacity limits, unlike sensory storage or short term storage
- In the BRAIN: Hippocampus
o If damaged
Anterograde amnesia: inability to transfer short term store to long term
Retrograde amnesia: inability to retrieve information that acquired before
a particular day, particular data: usually the date of injury or surgery.
- Consolidation
o the process by which memories become stable in brain
o Hippocampus become less important.
- Reconsolidation
o Memories can become vulnerable to disruption when they are recalled, thus
requiring them to be consolidated again.
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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