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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

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PSYC 100
Russell Day

PSYC 100 THE SCIENCE OF PSYCHOLOGY 1 Psychology: The scientific study of behavior and the mind Basic Research: The quest for knowledge purely for its own sake Applied Research: To solve specific, practical problems Central Goals of Psychology: Describe, Understand, Predict, Influence, Apply Levels of Analysis: Frame-work for actions and thoughts for examination Biological Level, Psychological Level, Environmental Level The Types of Psychologies Mind-Body Dualism: The belief that the mind is a spiritual entity not subject to physical laws that govern the body Rene Descartez Monism: The belief that the mind and body is one entity Thomas Hobbes British Empiricism: All ideas and knowledge are gained through the senses John Locke - Tabula rasa: Everyone starts off as a blank sheet, then is shaped by environment Structuralism: The analysis of the mind in terms of its basic elements Wundt & Titchener
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