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Chapter 9

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PSYC 102
Russell Day

Chapter 9 Frontiers 10/9/2012 10:09:00 AM Language  Consists of a system of symbols and rules for combining these symbols in ways that can generate an infinite number of possible messages and meanings. o Psycholinguistics; the scientific study of the psychological aspects of language, such as how people understand, produce, and acquire language  Four structures that are essential to any language; o Structure o Meaning o Symbols o Generativity  The symbols of language can be combined to generate an infinite number of messages that have novel meaning  Grammar; the set of rules that dictate how symbols can be combined to create meaningful units of communication o Syntax; the rules that govern the order of words o Semantics; the meaning of words and sentences  Displacement; the fact that language allows us to communicate about events and objects that are not physically present o Tim
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