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Chapter 7

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A.George Alder

Basic characteristic of surveysSurvey Uses questionnaires and interviews to gather Populations and samplesinformation about peoplePopulationRefers to all the casesobservations of interest to usSelecting a sampleSampleTwo general methods for selecting a survey sampleA subset of casesobservations from the populationProbability samplingIn survey research questionnaires are usually administered to Each member of the population has a chance of a sample of people to learn something about a broader being selected into the sample and the probability populationof being selected can be determinedSampling frameNonprobability samplingA list of names phone numbers addresses or other Each member of the population either does not units from which a sample will be selectedhave a chance of being selected into the sample Representative samplethe probability of being selected cannot be Accurately Reflects the important characteristics of the determined or bothpopulationNonrepresentative unbiased sampleProbability samplingDoes not reflect the important characteristicsWhen selected results from a sample can be used to Response rateestimate the responses of a population within a known Represents the percentage of cases who participate in a margin of sampling error and confidence levelsurvey out of all those who were selected to participateSimple random samplingEvery member of the sampling frame has an equal Why conduct surveysprobability of being chosen at random to To describe the characteristics of a populationparticipate in the surveyDescribe and compare different populationsdifferent groups St
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