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Chapter 9

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A.George Alder

Basiccharacteristicsof factorialdesigns Describing a factorial design Designinga factorial experiment ▫ Every level of each IV is combined with every level of all the other IV Examining non-linear effects ▫ Between-subjectsfactorialdesign → Factorial design in which each subject engages in only onexamine non-linear effects of IV, the IV must have three or condition more levels ▫ To examine whether a variable acts as a moderator ▫ Within-subjectsfactorialdesign → simply incorporated into the factorial design as an additional → Factorial design in which each subject engages in every condition IV ▫ Mixed-factorialdesign → Produces an interaction then it is a moderator → Factorial design that includes at least one betweIncorporating subject variables subjects variable and at least one within-subject variable ▫ Described numerically as, for example, a 2 x 4 x 3 design Thepersonx situationfactorialdesign → Three numbers indicate that there are 3 IVs → Person x environment → '2' tells that first IV has two levels → Experimental design that incorporates at least one subject variable along with at least one manipulated situational → '4' tells that second IV has 4 levels variable → '3' tells that third IV has 3 levels Advantages of factorial designs ▫ Better able to capture the causal complexity of real life than are designs that include only one IV ▫ Each IV can potentially have a maineffect → Occurs when an IV has an overall effecton a DV ▫ ExamininginteractionsbetweenIVs → the different IVs can interact with one another → Interaction(interactioneffect)  Occurs when the way in which an IV influences behaviour differs, depending on the level of another IV ▫ Can examine interactions, whereas single-factor designs cannot ▫ More efficient to conduct more than multiple single-factor designs Limitations of factorial designs ▫ As numbers of IVs and levels of IV increase, told number of conditions in the experiment rises rapidly and may exceedthe
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