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Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Single Case, Quasi-Experimental, and Developmental Research Designs

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Cathy Mc Farland

PSYC 201 FINALS EXAM REVIEWER FALL 2011CHAPTER 11 SINGE CASE QUASIEXPERIMENTAL AND DEVELOPMENTAL RESEARCHSingle Case Experimental Designs p201also called singlesubject designDeveloped from a need to determine whether an experimental manipulation had an effect on a single research participantSubjects behavior is measured over time during a baseline control period then manipulation is introduced treatment and behavior continues to be observedA change in the subjects behavior from baseline to treatment periods is evidence for the effectiveness of manipulation design Reversal Design p201ABA treatment or also withdrawal A baselineB treatmentA baseline Two problems with ABA reversal designo A single reversal is not extremely powerful evidence for the effectiveness of the treatment o Ethical problem it doesnt seem right to end treatment that is beneficial for the participantMultiple baseline design p203The effectiveness of the treatment is demonstrated when a behavior changes only after the manipulation is introducedChange must be observed under multiple circumstances to rule out the possibility that other events were responsibleVariations of multiple baseline design o Across subjectsthe behavior of several subjects is measured over timeFor each subject the manipulation is introduc
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