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Chapter 4

Chapter 4 book notes

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PSYC 210
Cathy Mc Farland

PSYC 210 CHAPTER 4: MEASURES OF CENTRAL TENDENCY Measures of Central Tendency – numerical values that refer to the center of the distribution Mode (Mo) – the most commonly occurring score - if two nonadjacent values occur with equal (or near equal) frequency, we say that the distribution is bimodal and would report both modes - Advantages o represents the largest number of people having the same score o applicable to nominal data o not sensitive to outliers - Disadvantages o May not be particularly representative of the entire collection of numbers Median (Mdn) – the score corresponding to the point having 50% of the observations below it when the observations are arranged in numerical order - median location = (N+1)/2 - Advantages o Unaffected by extreme scores o Useful in studies in which extreme numbers occasionally occur but
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