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Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Vocabulary

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PSYC 210
Cathy Mc Farland

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Chapter 7 Vocabulary 1 t test – hypothesis-testing procedure in which the population variance is unknown; it compares t scores from a sample to a comparison distribution called a t distribution t test for a single sample – hypothesis-testing procedure in which a sample mean is being compared to a known population mean and the population variance is unknown Biased estimate – estimate of a population parameter that is likely systematically to overestimate or underestimate the true value of the population parameter; for example, would be a biased estimate of the population variance (systematically underestimate it) Unbiased estimate of the population variance ( ) – estimate of the population variance, based on sample scores, which has been corrected so that it is equally likely to overestimate or underestimate the true population variance; the correction used is dividing the sum of squared deviations by , instead of the usual procedure
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