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Ch 5 Vocab

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PSYC 210
Cathy Mc Farland

Chapter 5 Vocabulary 1 Distribution of means – distribution of means of samples of a given size form a population; comparison distribution when testing hypotheses involving a single sample of more than one individual Mean of a distribution of means ( µM ) – the mean of a distribution of means of samples of a given size from a population; comes out to be the same as the mean of the population of individuals (µ); 2 Variance of a distribution of means (δ M ) – variance of the population divided by the # of scores in each sample Standard deviation of a distribution of means (δ M) – square root of the variance of a distribution of means; also called standard error of the mean (SEM) or standard error (SE) √ Z test – hypothesis-testing procedure in which there is a single sample and the population variance is known 1. Restate the question as a research hypothesis and a null hypothesis about the populations. 2. Determine the characteristics of the comparison distribution. a. b. c. δM= √
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