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Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Notes

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Simon Fraser University
PSYC 221
Richard Wright

Ch 7LongTerm Memory EncodingRetrievalencoding the process of acquiring information and transferring it to LTMmaintenance rehearsal involve repetition without any consideration of meaning or making connections to other information helps maintain information in STMWM but it is not an effective way of transferring information into longterm memoryelaborative rehearsal involves thining about the meaning of an item to be remembered or making connections between that item and prior knowledge effective in transferring information into LTMlevelsofprocessing theory memory depends on how information is encoded with deeper processing resulting in better encoding and retrieval than shallow processingshallow processing involves little attention to meaningdeep processing involves close attention to items meaning and relating it to something elseshallow processingdeep processingwords physical characteristicswords soundwords meaningplacing words in a complex sentenceit has been found that it is easier to remember words when they are in a complex sentence rather than a short simple sentence forming visual imagesit has been found that forming a mental image of a word can provide better recall of that word later study used pairedassociate learningparticipants are presented with pairs of words then one word of each pair is presented and the task is to recall the other word linking words to yourselfselfreference effectmemory is better if you are asked to relate the word to yourself generating informationgenerating material yourself rather than passively receiving it enchances retentioncalled generation effect organizing information
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