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Chapter 15

Chapter 15 Developmental Disorders

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PSYC 241
Shannon Zaitsoff

CHAPTER 15: DEVELOPMENTAL DISORDERS Stereotypy – the repetition of meaningless gestures or movements Intellectual Disability or Mental Retardation (p.339) Mental Retardation – sub-average intellectual functioning with onset before age 18 - Must also be accompanied by significant limitations in two or more area of adaptive behavior as expressed in conceptual, social, and practical adaptive skills, such as communication, self-care, academic, domestic, social or community skills, leisure and work - IQ of 75 and lower Adaptive Behavior (p.341) - Communication – expressive, receptive and written language - Daily living or personal living skills – eating, dressing, personal hygiene, domestic and community living skills - Social interaction – coping, interpersonal relationships, leisure skills - Motor skills – movement, coordination, ability to manipulate objects using fingers and hands Genetic Cause – genetic links found in more than 70% of intellectual and developmental disabilities Down Syndrome 1. Trisomy 21 – extra chromosome on pair 21 o 1 in 700 live births o Occurs in 95% of the cases of Down syndrome o Greater risk for mothers and fathers above the age of 40 2. Translocation – part of the 21 chromosome breaks off and attaches to another o Occurs in 4% of the cases o Mothers age does not affect chances 3. Mosaicism o Cell division occurs unevenly so there is 45 or 47 cells o Occurs in 1% of the cases o May have fewer physical characteristics, better speech and higher intellectual functioning, dep
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