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Chapter 4

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PSYC 260
Lara Aknin

CHAPTER 4 Social Perception – the study of how we form impressions of other people and make inference about them Nonverbal communication – how people communicate, intentionally or unintentionally, without words Mirror neurons – respond when we perform an action and when we see someone else perform the same action Encode – to express or emit nonverbal behavior (smiling, etc.) Decode – to interpret the meaning of the nonverbal behavior other people express Affect blend – a facial expression in which one part of the face registers one emotion while another part of the face registers a different emotion Display rules – culturally determined rules about which emotional expressions are appropriate to show Emblems – nonverbal gestures that have well-understood definitions within a given culture Implicit personality theory – a type of schema people use to group various kinds of personality Attribution theory – a description of the way in which people explain the causes of their own and other people’s behavior Internal attributions – the inference that a person is behaving in a certain way because of something about him or her (attitude, personality) External attribution – the inference that a person is behaving a certain way because of something about the situation he is in Covariation model – a theory stating that to form an attribution about what caused a person’s behavior, we systematically note the pattern between the presence or absence of possible causal factors and whether or not the behavior occurs Consensus information – info
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