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Chapter 8

PSYC 260 Chapter Notes - Chapter 8: Stereotype Threat, Social Dominance Orientation, Mental Chronometry

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PSYC 260
Lisa Droogendyk

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Beliefs about the shared characteristics of members of a group
Can be automatic and functional
Sometimes stop us from seeking out and individuating additional information that can be useful
Stereotypes can be inaccurate (take you longer to get to know someone)
They can be negative
Stereotype Threat: Awareness that one’s performance may confirm a negative in-group stereotype,
which can impair (test) performance
Hides latent ability (inherent skill of the test being done)
Stereotype threat lowers the performance of minority group members in academic testing
Important factor in explaining the “minority achievement gap”
Why does stereotype threat happen?
Distraction caused by anxiety and fear of conforming the stereotype
An extra distraction that the non-stereotype students do not
Downstream Consequences
Factor in explaining lack of diversity in certain fields?
Can lead to disinterest in and avoidance of stereotyped domain
Key Points:
1. Those that are affected by ST do not have to believe the stereotype is true
a. ST can still have an impact even if the individual thinks they are good at the particular skill.
Not about personal abilities.
2. ST only affects performance on the stereotyped domain
3. It is not necessary that others in the situation believe the stereotype is true
a. Even if no one in room where test is being held, st still applies since they are society held
views. Not specific to that situation.
4. ST only impactful for challenging tasks
Solutions to ST
In some cases YES:
oValue-affirmation activity
oReframing task: describing task as not being relevant to stereotype
oFocus away from stereotyped group memberships (focus on different collective identities
that are not negative)
oRole Models that challenge the assumptions
These “fixes” are not standard procedure
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