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week 13 Reading Notes

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PSYC 268
Deborah Connolly

PSYC 268 – Fall 2012 Week 13 Book Readings: Chapter 9 pp. 239-268 CHAPTER 9: POLICE PSYCHOLOGY Police Psychology – the application of psychological theory and research to law enforcement - The delivery of psychological services to and on behalf of law enforcement agencie, their executives, and employees (Aumiller, 2007) Police or Law Enforcement Agencies – bureaucracies created by government bodies to maintain public order and safety by ensuring compliance with rules, laws, and regulations - Broad; includes local agencies, city/county police, national security agencies - The powers of any given law enforcement agency are limited by the jurisdiction or powers of its governing body, as well as by jurisdictional laws and policies o Geographical limits – jurisdiction within specified areas o Authoritative limits – powers are restricted to certain activities or domains - City police department or sheriff county department – jurisdiction of local or regional law enforcement agencies o Responsible for enforcing criminal laws of a state - International Police – International Criminal Police Organization – ICPO or Interpol o Jurisdiction – someone who travels overseas or communicates with people in other countries for certain criminal purposes, such as distributing child pornography or trafficking drugs - State police – jurisdiction would be someone who commits a crime or motor vehicle offense while on a major highway - Federal Police – US Secret Service or Federal
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