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psyc 325 - ch 1 definition

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Simon Fraser University
PSYC 325
Mario Liotti

Introduction to the Study of MemoryScientific perspectiveScienceview of world based on systematic observation experimentation theoryunbiased attitude and based on evidence Sciencetheory useful only if careful and unbiased observations and experimentation support it tested by scientific methodsEmpirical evidenceProduce of scientific research must be verifiableanother scientist should be able to get same results if does same or similar experiment Building block for scientific theoryItself does not inform us how to actMemory scienceresults of experiments Hermann EbbinghausFirst memory psychologistestablished lots of principles of memory Some findings applicable to goals of memory improvement Used self only for experimentnowtested on others 1885 study generalizes to othersEbbinghaususe nonsense syllables dont want meaning to shade his resultsassumed meaningful stimuli would be more memorable than nonmeaningful stimulistudy list until can free recall all then test self to see how many trigrams remembered Finding easier to master shorter lists than longer onesExperiment 2vary retention intervalon listvaried time between completion of mastering particular list and tested self for that listFinding longer retention interval more likely to forget items from that list ex After weekforget lotsMeasured forgetting by looking at savings scoreFinding less time to relearn list than it had t
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