PSYC 325 Chapter : psyc 325 - ch 1 definition

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Science view of world based on systematic observation, experimentation, theory + unbiased attitude and based on evidence. Science = theory useful only if careful and unbiased observations and experimentation support it = tested by scientific methods. Produce of scientific research; must be verifiable = another scientist should be able to get same results if does same or similar experiment. Itself, does not inform us how to act. First memory psychologist + established lots of principles of memory. Some findings =applicable to goals of memory improvement. Used self only for experiment now = tested on others. Finding: easier to master shorter lists than longer ones. Experiment 2 = vary retention interval on list = varied time between completion of mastering particular list and tested self for that list. Finding: longer retention interval, more likely to forget items from that list (ex. Measured forgetting by looking at savings score.